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Turkey's The Biggest Matchmaking Service

Real Face-to-Face Meeting
Upload your 30-second introduction video, and start to give score you like among thousands of virtual people faces. Our matchmakers introduce you specifically to people who might be suitable in your city according to our algorithm based on physical attraction, character matching, income status, color analysis, and finally DNA analysis*.
Guaranteed 1 special and secret match every month (max. 3 matches)

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Stay Connected with Our Relationship Coaches
Our relationship experts are available to help you talk about your relationship goals and your feelings any time. Just make sure, you made a reservation with them via our member center.
Starts from 99 TL/session for our members

The Most Exclusive Fun Club
By just being a member of SadeceBi'Yemek, you definitely find fun. You will get a discounted ticket of special events in Istanbul and Izmir every month, and you will get access to incredible deals from our sponsored brands. And, we don't spam. All deals will be in your member center.

Special AI-Powered Blockchain Algorithm
Our technology monitors and analyzes your video, your voice, and your interactions with our members all the time. Not only in our platforms. The advanced tailormade artificial intelligence powered algorithm recognize you every day via different data sources privately and matches you with only the most suitable people in your city.

Safe Environment
Our patent pending blockchain technology verifies digital activities of our community (tastes and likes, face confirmation, financial situation, age or marital status) to provide unbeatable security and the best matching experience in the industry. These data can be written and read by only our approved partners, and these data don’t involve any personal info.
We may ask background check too.

High Level Privacy & Offline Experience
We never ask your GPS location. We never share your personal info with third parties. Only people you matched with can view your profile. And always, our matchmakers decide the last decision and send the matches manually. Trust to our instincts and technology.

Secret and Anonymous Amazing Matches
The person you match with will not know your name until you share. Always the first letter of the name and the first letter of the surname is displayed. The video introductions will disappear after 24 hours.

Easy Dining Reservations, Intense Love...
When the parties said yes to their match introductions, we will contact you to make your dining reservation. You will already fall in love with your match!
Don't believe? Just try.

Amsterdam, Brussels.
* DNA analysis is available only within participated members.
You can purchase the DNA kit for you and any of your matches.

Serving in 4 different countries and 33 big cities!